Tonya Pepper, MA, LMHC

Staff Therapist


Tonya received her Master's in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Art Therapy from Naropa University in 2004. She is an active, experiential therapist, encouraging clients to try out new strategies with their minds and actions by the first session. Tonya provides deeply grounded space where clients feel acceptance and safety fairly quickly, and she uses a lot of humor, which can lend the sometimes heavy work of therapy more ease of movement and lightheartedness.

Professional interests

Buddhist and Transpersonal Psychology, Art Therapy working with: anxiety, depression, and stress, grief and loss, life transitions, spirituality/existential issues, autism, self-care, and holistic approaches for wellness.

Personal Wellness Strategies

Foraging/medicinal plants, dogs, photography, Instagram, Buddhism, Mongolia

“We do not have to be ashamed of what we are. As sentient beings we have wonderful backgrounds. These backgrounds may not be particularly enlightened or peaceful or intelligent. Nevertheless, we have soil good enough to cultivate; we can plant anything in it.” – Chögyam Trungpa