THRIVE Wellness Advocates


THRIVE works to support the emotional, mental, and social well-being of the Western community. This is accomplished by developing programs that help students to manage academic pressures, foster and maintain social supports, and provide suicide awareness and prevention.

THRIVE works to reduce stigmas related to mental illness and encourage help-seeking behaviors. THRIVE encourages student engagement among Western students who could benefit from education and support.


The mission of THRIVE—Together Helping Reach Individual Victories Everyday—is to create a campus culture that fosters self-care and positive social and emotional growth, to nurture acceptance for those suffering or in crisis within Western community, and to advocate for change towards positive thinking.

Outreach Programs

THRIVE can facilitate programs related to self care and stress reduction, as well as trainings related to suicide prevention. For more information or to request an outreach program, please email

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