Wellness Bingo

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Wellness Bingo

Let's Play Wellness Bingo!

Welcome to Western! We want to help you get to know our campus, and that includes sharing about all the support and resources offered in the Counseling and Wellness Center and throughout WWU!

To participate, use our Wellness Bingo Card and Challenge List during September and October. For each challenge, you will see in italics what you need to write in the corresponding numbered box below as “proof.” When you’re finished, submit your answers via our Microsoft Form by clicking the Submit Your Wellness Bingo Card button.

For questions, concerns, or to request this document in an alternate format, email Amy Dunham, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, at dunhama@wwu.edu.

How to Play

All forms submitted by October 31, 2021 will be eligible for these prizes:

Earn one “I ❤ Feelings” sticker for each row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or four corners) you complete!

Complete the full board to win an “I ❤ Feelings” T-shirt and reusable tote bag!

Thanks for participating, and good luck!

First page of the Wellness Bingo Game

Download the Wellness Bingo Game!

Download a copy of our Wellness Bingo Game, which includes the overview and challenge prompts below plus your very own pre-made bingo card! The pdf has clickable links when viewed online, but you can always come back to this site for the fully accessible version of the content.

Bingo Items


  1. Follow the Counseling, Health and Wellness Instagram at @bewellwwu. Write in the box your favorite post! Write your favorite one in the box.
  2. Create your personalized Western Wellness Plan by visiting our Wellness Worksheets page. Use the worksheet provided to identify specific support people, resources, coping skills, and more that are available for you throughout your WWU career. Write in the box one WWU resource you identified that could be helpful to you.
  3. Learn about bystander intervention to help someone in a substance use emergency. Write in the box one thing you learned.
  4. Attend (at least) one workshop put on by the Counseling and Wellness Center! Check out our workshop options, including our banner Wellness Wednesdays program. Write in the box what you attended and your favorite take away from the session.
  5. Nature can be therapeutic, and exercise is key for maintaining mental wellness! Learn more about the services and events offered by the WWU Outdoor Center. Write in the box something you found that you might try this year.
  6. Visit our website to learn some bystander intervention skills you can use to help prevent sexual violence. Write one thing you learned in the box.
  7. Do you know that WWU has a place for you to report concerns about another student’s well-being? Check out the Office of Student Life's Reporting a Concern or Complaint page to learn more. Write in the box one situation you think this could be helpful for.
  8. Check out our collection of self-help resources at cwc.wwu.edu (click on the Wellness Programs & Resources tab). From mental health downloads to self-help apps to virtual care packages, we have curated a number of resources to help students care for their mental health. Write in the box one resource you looked at and your favorite thing about it.


  1. Learn more about our Western Wears sexual health campaign, as well as more about our sexual health program and pleasure packages. Write in the box one thing you learned.
  2. Whether you are living on or off campus this year, WWU Off Campus Living has great information on their website about finding a place to live, moving, and advice for creating community that can be helpful either now or in the future. Write in the box one thing that you learned.
  3. Learn more about various wellness topics by checking out our wellness worksheets. From self-love to motivation, we’ve got information and tips to help you develop your skills. Write in the box which worksheet you looked at and your favorite takeaway.
  4. Did you know that WWU has a place for you to report a bias incident? Go to the Structural Equity and Bias Response Team's Report a Bias Incident page to learn more. Write in the box one incident you could use this for.
  5. Head to the Western Involvement Network to learn more about Events and Student Organizations on campus! Find an event you are willing to try, or a student org to reach out to learn more. Write in the box which event you attended, or which student organization you reached out to.
  6. Learn more about how you can help a friend or peer in crisis on our Suicide Prevention page. Write in the box one thing that you learned.
  7. Go to Western's Overview of Student Services page to learn about the variety of student services available to you as a WWU student. From LGBTQ+ Western to Associated Students to the Disability Access Center and many other departments, we are here to support you. Choose one that you think you could use and go to their website to learn more. Write in the box one thing that you learned.
  8. We want to hear from you! What is one thing the Counseling and Wellness Center could do to help you feel supported? It could be a community check-in, a workshop topic, suggestions for how we provide services—all ideas are welcome! Write your answer in the box.