Western Wears

Western Wears logo, featuring a viking hat with condoms on the horns

Western Wears Condoms!

Western Wears is a Prevention and Wellness Services campaign to educate and empower Western students to live sexually healthy lives by promoting condom use and safe sex.

National, state, and local data shows that people ages 18 to 24 have the highest rates of STIs compared to any other age group. While not all Western students are sexually active, sex is a part of life for most people and we want students to be prepared to be safe and have a good time whenever it happens.

Condoms are the most common and effective form of protection against STIs during sexual activity. They are easy to obtain, easy to use, and when used correctly, highly effective at preventing STIs and pregnancy. They have lots of other benefits as well. But don't just take our word for it—read what our spokes-condoms have to say.

Meet Our Spokescondoms

A teal condom wearing orange glasses and holding a WWU backpack

We come in all colors, shapes, and sizes!

Condoms have many uses, and there are so many types to choose from—flavored, ribbed, slim-fit, and more. You can even turn one into a dental dam! Have fun exploring what you like best.

A green condom wearing headphones and holding a smart phone

Even if you’re waiting, it’s good to be ready!

Not everyone is doing it. In fact, a lot of Western students aren't sexually active. Until you decide it's the right time for you, you can still be prepared with protection to stay safe and healthy.

An orange condom in a WWU t-shirt holding a water bottle

It's sexy to play safe!

Using protection makes it easier to relax and have a good time, and it shows you care about yourself and your partner. Now that's sexy!

A blue condom wearing a viking helmet and holding a textbook

Even if it’s awkward, be brave & bring it up!

Not sure what to say to your partner? Try:

  • “I always use condoms—yours or mine?”
  • “I love how condoms make sex last longer so we can take our time.”
  • “I want us both to feel good and not be worried about anything.”


Get Your Pleasure Package!

The Counseling and Wellness Center helps promote sexual health at Western by making condoms, lube, dental dams, safer sex info and tips for increasing your sexual pleasure freely available to WWU students.

If you would like to order a Sexual Health Pleasure Package to be mailed to your home, please complete and submit our Pleasure Package request form and we will send one your way! When you need a refill, feel free to order again and we will do our best to continue filling all orders as long as supplies last.

How to Turn a Condom into a Dental Dam

If you need a dental dam for oral sex, you can easily make one using a condom and a pair of scissors. Here's how:

How to Turn a Latex or Nitrile Glove into a Dental Dam

If you don't have a condom handy, you can also make a dental dam out of a disposable latex or nitrile glove. Here's how: