Kelley Crane

Mental Health Counselor, Native American and Indigenous Student Support Specialist


Kelley graduated from Antioch University, Seattle in 2011, with a Master’s in Psychology, and concentrations in Art Therapy, and Child, Couples and Family Therapy. She worked for 11 years on Coastal Salish Reservations in Washington State, providing direct clinical services to Indigenous communities, families, and individuals. Kelley is passionate about social justice and healthy communities; she has significant insight and understanding of the negative impact of dominant social systems of oppression, particularly on non-dominant communities and cultures. Kelley works from a strengths based, client centered, and client values focused framework. She believes that everyone is deserving of respect, validation, and care, and that when treated with such, individuals and communities can not only heal, but thrive.

Professional Interests

Native American and Indigenous Mental Health and Wellness, Social Justice, Healthy Relationships and Relational Systems, Domestic Violence, Self Harming, Trauma (Intergenerational, Systemic, Relational, Individual, and Childhood)

Personal Interests

Making art, rockhounding, volleyball, gardening, meeting fuzzy creatures, being authentic and silly in life.