Wellness Advocate Program

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Support Well-being at Western!

The Wellness Advocate Program is a unique volunteer opportunity for passionate Western students who are committed to enhancing the well-being of Western's community.

Wellness Advocates come from various majors and backgrounds, and we continually seek to expand the diversity of our team to increase the unique skill sets and valuable perspectives they bring to our work. 

Program Information and Application Process

Applicants to the Wellness Advocate Program are required submit an application and attend an interview and orientation during spring quarter. Within two weeks of your interview, you will be notified whether or not you were selected. All Wellness Advocates will complete training during the week before fall quarter classes start. Once fully trained, Wellness Advocates will volunteer 3-5 hours per week beginning in fall quarter.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email cwc@wwu.edu or call 360-650-3164.

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What We Do

Wellness Advocates receive health promotion training to:

  • Plan and implement health promotion events, workshops, and campaigns
  • Create and share health promotion content for social media
  • Be a knowledgeable, supportive resource for friends and peers
  • Advocate for policies, practices, and resources that support the well-being of our campus community

Our Topic Areas

Wellness Advocates provide outreach and education around the following college health and wellness topic areas:

  • Substance harm reduction
  • Mental health promotion
  • Sexual health advocacy
  • Consent and healthy relationships

Program Benefits

Many of our students tell us their experience with the Wellness Advocates program was a highlight of their college career. Students who participate in this program receive:

  • Increased knowledge and skills to enhance personal and professional growth
  • Expanded network of friends
  • Ongoing support and mentoring from staff
  • Campus leadership opportunities

What Our Volunteers Say

"The other people in the program are incredible and you get to be part of a really great community!"

"You get to contribute to the health and wellness of Western which is very rewarding."

"The training you receive will stay with you your whole life, even if you don't work with that subject matter again. The fact that you know about resources, how to seek them out, how to utilize them, and how to refer others so they can receive the help they need is something that will be valuable in whatever you do with your life."

"The core staff members are a group of amazing people and the nature of the program allows you to develop meaningful relationships with them and they can serve as excellent references for you."

"Looks great on your resume!"