Deidre Evans, MSW

Survivor Advocacy Services Coordinator


Deidre is Western's Survivor Advocacy Services Coordinator. In her role as a survivor advocate, Deidre talks through all available options, connects survivors to support resources on and off campus, and helps survivors in navigating the various systems they are engaged in, such as academic, legal/reporting, medical, etc. Deidre focuses on survivor safety, regaining autonomy, identifying personal strengths, and fostering connection and healing. She sees every survivor as the expert of their experiences. She works each day to create a space where students can share what they want about their experiences of violence and abuse, and for each person she works with, to feel supported in the next steps and goals that they set for themselves, their relationships, and their healing.

Professional Interests

Supporting survivors of violence, anti-violence movement, feminist issues, and social justice work.

Personal Wellness Strategies

Spending time with friends and loved ones, traveling, being active in nature especially in the sun and water, learning new art forms, caring for plants/gardening, cooking new recipes and sharing food, and exploring new cities with a good cup of coffee.