Neuro-diversify Your Toolbox

Your Toolbox

A multitude of brightly colored wires in a spiral pattern

Tuesdays, 4–5 PM
Jan. 17 & 31, Feb. 14 & 28 on Zoom

This 4-session skills workshop aims to create a Neurodivergent (ND)-positive space for students to learn more about how their brains work, gain useful tools/resources for navigating barriers in neurotypical spaces/systems (e.g., college classes), and share their own skills collectively.

This workshop series is open to any students who identify as a person with ADHD and/or as a person who exists on the Autism spectrum. No diagnosis required and no appointment or RSVP necessary. 

Important Note: The purpose of learning “skills” is not to increase masking or “make you more neurotypical.” In addition, these workshops are NOT therapy or a therapy group. If you are looking for a therapy group, please contact the Counseling and Wellness Center at 360-650-3164 to inquire about our Divergent Minds therapy group, which is described on our Therapy Groups web page.

Why you might find this workshop to be helpful:

  • The opportunity for students to share skills with their ND peers helps build community.
  • Learning more about the role of ableism in Neurodiversity can increase self-compassion.
  • Exposure to new skills/tools can help generate alternative approaches to current obstacles.
  • After each session, students will be able to access a summary of the skills covered, relevant handouts, and other resources (e.g., websites, educational videos, apps, etc.)