Products for People with Periods

A blue tampon wearing glasses, green menstrual cup, and dark-blue pad between the words Period Postal on a light-blue background

Thank you for visiting the Period Postal page. Period Postal was a grant-funded project that has now ended.

PEOPLE HAVE PERIODS, meaning not all women have periods, not all people who have periods are women, and people who don't fit into the cisgender binary often face stigma and risk around menstruation, as do people with mobility limitations or other disabilities.

The Period Postal grant-funded project operated from the knowledge that students at WWU do not have consistent access to the menstrual products that meet their specific needs without having to sacrifice money for other essential costs and that students with marginalized identities often face higher barriers to accessing these products.

Broadly speaking, the Period Postal project aimed to fight stigma, eliminate cost barriers, support students with marginalized identities who experience menstruation, prioritize accessibility, and advance menstruation equity at Western.

Specifically speaking, Period Postal distributed free menstrual products to Western students via a student-written grant from Western's Sustainability, Equity, and Justice Fund. It was operated by students in the Wellness Advocates program under the supervision of their advisor, Liz Stuart. Each menstrual product that Period Postal offered was chosen with great care based on accessibility, quality, sustainability of sourcing, ethical working conditions, and lack of gender-based marketing.