Sanjana Satishkumar, MS, LMHCA

LGBTQ+ Student Support Specialist, Staff Therapist


Sanjana is the LGBTQ+ Student Support Specialist and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate at the Counseling and Wellness Center. Sanjana uses a foundation of person-centered approach and brings in aspects of other approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, and Solution Focused Therapy.

Sanjana has experience working with individuals from diverse experiences and identities, and is mindful of how intersections of cultures/identities/experiences can influence an individual’s mental health, goals, etc. She has had the opportunity to work with queer and trans folk from various backgrounds and provide support through individual therapy and outreach. She completed her Masters thesis examining discrimination and distress experienced by queer people of color and how social support plays a role for the distress experienced by QPOC.

Professional Interests

Intersectionality, LGBTQ+, anxiety, depression, identity