Liz Stuart, MEd

Assistant Director of Outreach and Health Promotion, Coordinator of Peer Initiatives


Liz promotes health and wellness at the Counseling and Wellness Center by leading a team of student Wellness Advocates; designing and sharing curricula and educational tools for students, faculty, and staff; and coordinating events and campaigns around campus. Liz hopes that all students at WWU will find a sense of belonging and learn skills to love themselves and others during their experience here. She believes that health will become more accessible as we share accurate information and build systems that honor individual identities and collective needs. When she's not at WWU, you might find her dancing in her kitchen with her family, playing outside, gardening, eating treats, or running.

Professional Interests

Curriculum design and development, program assessment, interdisciplinary team facilitation, strategic public health program design

Personal Wellness Strategies

Running, gardening, fun with family, dancing/listening to music, hanging with friends