Madison Wiese, MA

Community Well-being Specialist


Madison received her master’s degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Interpersonal Health from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She comes from a biopsychosocial framework and believes in approaching health at an interpersonal, communal, and systemic level. In her role as a Community Well-being Specialist, she hopes to educate, support, and create space for students in all aspects of their well-being journey through outreach events, facilitating workshops, and mentorship. She is passionate about learning with students as we discover and live our truest and most beautiful Lives.

Professional Interests

The intersections of sexual health, gender, and illness, qualitative and ethnographic research, mind-body-spirit connection, psychedelic therapies, trauma-informed facilitation, somatic healing

Personal Wellness Strategies

Embodied practices, especially conscious dance, yoga, breath, and walks in the forest. Practicing presence and awe. Full belly laughs. Full body crying. Listening. Nettle Tea.